About Intent, Group, and Body Values

Prioritize and route messages by defining intent, group, and body values.


Businesses define the values for the intent, group, and body parameters, and these parameters are included in a URL that initiates a chat session in Messages when a customer clicks or taps the Business Chat button.

When a customer starts a chat session through your app or website, you can choose to include the following three parameters as part of the URL for defining messages:

  • intent, or purpose, of the chat.

  • group designates the department or individuals best qualified to handle the customer’s particular question or problem.

  • body, a parameter that prepopulates a message for your customers so all they need to do is tap Send in Messages.

Use the intent, group, and body values to define the customer's intent so you can quickly direct them appropriately within your support organization. How you define these values is up to you.

For example, if your company is a financial institution and a customer contacts you with a question about their credit card account. The customer taps or clicks a Business Chat button, and Messages provides an autogenerated response, “How may we help you today?”. Messages opens when the customers clicks the Business Chat button, and displays a greeting with a list of options to choose from. For example, these options could include "Credit Card Account," "Checking Account," and "Savings Account," among others.

The customer taps one of the options (the intent)—in this case, "Credit Card Account"—which routes the message to the Credit Card Department (the group).

The body parameter, which you add manually to a URL, allows you to provide more granular information such as “Order an additional credit card.” Business Chat uses the body value to prepopulate a message for your customers so all they need to do is tap Send in Messages. In this example, the customer taps a chat button which opens a prepopulated text message, “Order an additional credit card.” The customer only needs to tap Send to notify the business of their intent and initiate the conversation.

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