Enhancing the Customer's User Experience

Provide a rich user experience with interactive messages.


Interactive messages provide a range of functionality, from letting the customer select an item from a list to scheduling an appointment. Business Chat comes with a set of interactive messages that you can use, or you can create and use custom interactive messages.

When sending an interactive message to the customer, set the type field to interactive.


First Steps

Sending an Interactive Message

Provide a rich user experience to the customer by sending an interactive message.

Sending a List Picker

Let the customer choose from a list of items by sending a list picker.

Sending a Time Picker

Let the customer schedule an appointment by sending a time picker.

Sending an Apple Pay Payment Request

Request a payment from the customer by sending an Apple Pay payment request.

Sending an Authentication Message

Pass authentication data between a customer's device and a business using OAuth.

Customized Experiences

Using a Custom Interactive Message

Provide a unique user experience with custom interactive messages.

Interactive Message Replies

Receiving an Interactive Message

Receive a customer’s reply to an interactive message.

Receiving Large Interactive Data Payloads

Download the interactive data when a customer's reply contains a large payload.

Decoding Interactive Data Payloads

Convert an interactive data reference into an interactive data dictionary.

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