Starting a Chat from a URL

Let customers start a conversation with you from your website or email message.


Customers may start a chat using a URL you provide. When customers click the URL, the system redirects the customer to Messages so they can send your business a text message.

You decide how and where to provide the URL. You can include it as a link in an email message, on your website, or use it as the action for a button in your app.

The URL to use is<your-business-id>, replacing <your-business-id> with the business ID you received from Apple after registering with Business Chat.

There are optional query string parameters you can include in the URL:

  • biz-intent-id

  • biz-group-id

  • body

The biz-intent-id parameter lets you specify the intention, or purpose, of the chat. The biz-group-id parameter lets you indicate the group, department, or individuals best qualified to handle the customer’s particular question or problem. The body parameter prepopulates the message so the customer only has to hit send to initiate the conversation. For more information, see About Intent, Group, and Body Values.

Here’s an example of what the URL might look like for a bank customer with a question for the credit card department:


Routing Values

About Intent, Group, and Body Values

Prioritize and route messages by defining intent, group, and body values.

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