Keys for the paymentRequest dictionary.



A dictionary that describes the Apple Pay configuration. For the list of dictionary keys, see ApplePayItem dictionary.


The merchant’s two-letter ISO 3166 country code.


The three-letter ISO 4217 currency code for the payment.


An array of line items explaining payments and additional charges. Line items are not required. However, the array cannot be empty if the lineItems key is present. For more information, see lineItems.


The list of the customer's required billing information needed to process the transaction. For the list of possible strings, see requiredBillingContactFields.

Require only the contact fields needed to process the payment. Requesting unnecessary fields adds complexity to the transaction, which can increase the chances of the customer canceling the payment request.


The list of shipping or contact information required from the customer to fulfill the order. For example, if you need the customer's email or phone number, then include this key. For the list of possible strings, see requiredShippingContactFields.


An array that lists the available shipping methods. The Apple Pay payment sheet displays the first shipping method from the array as the default shipping method. For the list of shipping method dictionary keys, see ApplePayShippingMethod.

An array of countries to support. List each country with their ISO 3166 country code.


A dictionary containing the total. The total amount must be greater than zero to pass validation. The label, defined in the total dictionary, appears on the payment sheet and should be the doing-business-as name of the business. For more information, see total.


For additional information about the payment request dictionary, see ApplePayPaymentRequest.

See Also


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