The keys for the InteractiveMessageData dictionary can be used for all interactive messages.



An array of image dictionaries. For the list of keys in the image dictionary, see ImageItem dictionary.


A string representing a unique identifier for the request. Business Chat returns the ID in the response it sends back to the CSP.


A string representing the version number of the message extension schema. Should be 1.0.


Only Business Chat interactive messages uses the interactive message data dictionary. The dictionary contains information that the Messages app passes to the feature. The contents of the interactive message data dictionary vary based on the feature in use. For example, when using the list picker, the dictionary includes a listPicker key that describes each list item. However, the interactive message data dictionary includes common fields, regardless of the feature.

See Also

Interactive Message Dictionaries

object BaseInteractiveMessage

The Interactive Data dictionary keys common to all interactive messages.

object InteractiveResponse

The response body is a JSON dictionary of the decoded interactive message data dictionary. The dictionary keys are listed below.

object ImageItem

The keys to the image item dictionary used in sending interactive messages.

object InteractiveMessageResponse

A list of dictionaries contained in the feature's response.

object ReceivedMessage

The keys for the received message dictionary.

object ReplyMessage

A dictionary with information telling Messages how and what to display in the reply message bubble.