Messages Received

Receive, route, and prioritize incoming messages sent by customers.


When a customer sends a message to a business, the customer's device sends that message to Business Chat. Business Chat then sends the message to the Customer Service Platform (CSP) by making a POST request to the /message endpoint that the CSP implements (see Receiving Messages from the Business Chat Service). Business Chat waits up to 30 seconds for a response from the CSP before it times out the request.

After receiving the request from Business Chat, the CSP validates the incoming message (see Validating a Message) and returns the appropriate response code to Business Chat (see the "Response Codes" section in Integrating with Business Chat). The CSP may perform additional activities, such as downloading attachments, before forwarding the message to the business. Unless otherwise noted, all text fields support Basic Multilingual Plane of Unicode.

Figure 1

The path of a message that a customer sends to a business

Flow diagram showing the path a message takes, from the time the customer sends it using the Messages app to processing by the Business Chat service and the CSP, and, finally, delivery to the business.


First Steps

Validating a Message

Confirm that a message is from the Business Chat service.

Routing and Prioritizing Messages

Route and prioritize messages using intent, group, and other fields.

Message Types

object TextMessage

Simple text message sent to the business.

Receiving Closed Conversation Messages

Know when a customer chooses to stop receiving messages from a business.

Message Attachments

Receiving a Text Message with Attachments

Receive attachments in a message that a customer sends to the business.

Getting an Attachment's URL

Get the URL needed to download an attached file.

object preDownloadResponseBody

A JSON dictionary that contains a key.

Downloading and Decrypting an Attachment

Download and decrypt all attachments before forwarding a message to the business.

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