Messages Sent

Send responses to your customers using text, rich links, and interactive custom messages.


When a business replies to a customer’s text message, the Messaging Service Provider (MSP) platform prepares the message for delivery and sends a POST request to the /message endpoint hosted by Business Chat. Business Chat validates the message, returns a response code to the MSP platform, and delivers the message to the customer’s device.

Figure 1

The path of a response that a business sends to a customer

A diagram showing the path a response takes, starting when the business sends it through the MSP platform, for processing by the MSP platform and Business Chat service, and, finally, delivery to the customer.


First Steps

Sending Messages to the Business Chat Service

Send a message from the Messaging Service Provider (MSP) platform to a customer.

Sequencing Messages

Control the order in which the customer’s device receives messages from the business.

Message Types

Sending Text Messages

Send a text message from the business to the customer’s device.

Sending Rich Link Messages

Enhance the customer's experience by allowing them to preview inline content.

Interactive Messages

Provide a rich user experience with interactive messages, like list picker, time picker, authentication, and Apple Pay.

Message Attachments

Sending Messages with Attachments

Send a text message with attachments from the business to a customer.

Encrypting an Attachment

Secure the contents of the attachment.

Authorizing an Attachment for Upload

Get the URL needed to upload the file by authorizing the attachment for upload to Business Chat.

object preUploadResponseBody

The JSON dictionary keys contained in the /preUpload body.

Uploading an Attachment

Upload the encrypted file to Business Chat.

Adding Attachment Metadata to a Message

Include an attachment in a text message to a customer.

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