Interactive Messages

Provide a rich user experience with interactive messages, like list picker, time picker, authentication, and Apple Pay.


Interactive messages provide a range of functionality, from letting the customer select an item from a list to scheduling an appointment. Business Chat comes with a set of interactive messages that you can use or you can create and use custom interactive messages.


First Steps

Sending Interactive Messages

Add the necessary dictionaries and fields in your request to send an interactive message.

Interactive Message Dictionaries

object BaseInteractiveMessage

The Interactive Data dictionary keys common to all interactive messages.

object InteractiveResponse

The response body is a JSON dictionary of the decoded interactive message data dictionary. The dictionary keys are listed below.

object InteractiveMessageData

The keys for the InteractiveMessageData dictionary can be used for all interactive messages.

object ImageItem

The keys to the image item dictionary used in sending interactive messages.

object InteractiveMessageResponse

A list of dictionaries contained in the feature's response.

object ReceivedMessage

The keys for the received message dictionary.

object ReplyMessage

A dictionary with information telling Messages how and what to display in the reply message bubble.

Message Types

List Picker

Allow the customer to choose from a list of items.

Time Picker

Allow the customer to schedule an appointment.

Custom Interactive Messages

Provide a unique user experience with custom interactive messages.


Pass a customer's authentication data to a business by using the OAuth protocol.

Apple Pay in Business Chat

Provide an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Business Chat using Apple Pay.

Message Replies

Receiving an Interactive Message

Receive a customer’s reply to an interactive message.

Receiving Large Interactive Data Payloads

Download the interactive data when a customer's reply contains a large payload.

Decoding Interactive Data Payloads

Convert an interactive data reference into an interactive data dictionary.

See Also

Message Types

Sending Text Messages

Send a text message from the business to the customer’s device.

Sending Rich Link Messages

Enhance the customer's experience by allowing them to preview inline content.