Initiating Apple Pay

Set up the merchant account and services needed to use Apple Pay.


To start using Apple Pay with your customers, the Customer Service Platform (CSP) provider needs to setup the service on their platform, and the business needs to setup and configure their merchant account with ID and certificates. The next step, would be either sending or accepting an Apple Pay payment.

Set Up Your Merchant Account

If your business already has an Apple Pay Merchant account, skip ahead to downloading the Merchant items.

First, you must have an Apple Developer account in order to create an Apple Pay Merchant account. If you do not have an Apple Developer account, please set one up at The approval time may take several days.

Once your Apple Developer account has been created, use one of the following tutorials to add Apple Pay Merchant capabilities to your Apple Developer account.

Then, create a Merchant ID, a Payment Processing Certificate, and a Merchant Identity Certificate in your Apple Developer account.

Also, make a note of your Merchant ID from your account because you'll need this for Apple Business Register.

And finally, download the Payment Processing Certificate and Merchant Identity Certificate.

Enter Your Merchant ID in Apple Business Register

Use the following steps to verify that your Merchant ID is registered in your Apple Business Register account:

  1. Go to, and sign in with your Apple ID as the administrator or technical contact for the business that owns your Apple Pay credentials.

  2. Go to your company’s Business Chat Accounts and find the appropriate business account.

  3. Find the Apple Pay section.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Enter the Merchant ID and click Save.

  6. Click Submit for review.

Once the changes have been authorized, you can use the Merchant ID in Business Chat.

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