Pass a customer's authentication data to a business by using the OAuth protocol.


Business Chat allows authentication data to pass between customers and businesses on the Customer Service Platform (CSP) using the authenticate endpoint as described in Sending an Authentication Message.

After the user is authorized, the system sends an OAuth response and the user’s device receives a login form. The user enters their username and password in the login form to continue the authorization process.

Figure 1

A login form

A screenshot of a login form, as displayed on iPhone.


First Steps

Sending an Authentication Message

Pass authentication data between the business or Customer Service Platform and the customer's device using OAuth.

Authenticate Request Dictionaries

object AuthenticateRequestBody

InteractiveMessageData dictionary with the authenticate key added used in sending an authentication message.

object AuthenticateRequestBody.Authenticate

Keys for the Authenticate Data dictionary used in sending an authentication message.

object AuthenticateRequestBody.Authenticate.Oauth2

Keys for the OAuth2 Data dictionary used in sending an authentication message.

object AuthenticateRequestBody.Authenticate.Oauth2.Scope

An array of short text fields that describes the granted access for read and write.

Authenticate Responses

object AuthenticateResponse

Keys used in the JSON dictionary which is the response body.

object AuthenticateResponseErrorCodes

The keys for the Error Response dictionary used in sending an authentication message.

Error Codes

Possible errors thrown by the customer's device.

Advanced Authentication

Decrypting the Authentication Token

Learn how Business Chat decrypts an authentication token.

Using Password AutoFill to Authenticate Users

Provide customers with an easy solution to perfom authentication on their iOS devices.

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