Sending Text Messages

Send a text message from the business to the customer’s device.


When a business replies to a customer’s message, the Customer Service Platform first sends the message to the /v1/message endpoint. Business Chat then validates the incoming message and returns the appropriate response code (see the "Response Codes" section in Integrating with Business Chat). Next, the Business Chat service delivers the text message to the customer’s device.

You can ensure a quick and responsive experience by setting the timeout for the HTTP request to 30 seconds. If Business Chat doesn’t return a response code within that time, cancel the request and try again later.

Listing 1

A sample text message payload without attachments

  "sourceId": "BUSINESS-ID",
  "destinationId": "OPAQUE-USER-ID",
  "v": 1,
  "type": "text",
  "body": "The message text"

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