Uploading an Attachment

Upload the encrypted file to Business Chat.


To upload the encrypted attachment to Business Chat, send a POST request to the URL returned by the /preUpload call (see Authorizing an Attachment for Upload), with the attachment in the body of the request.

Business Chat returns a JSON dictionary containing the fileChecksum field. Store the value from this field in the signature-base64 key in the Attachment dictionary.

When using Server Name Indication (SNI) (RFC 6066), upload the request in a secured TLS connection to the returned upload URL. The TLS client should set the TLS server hostname from the extracted hostname for the upload URL.

Sample Attachment Upload

POST [upload-url]content-length: upload-size-in-bytes {content is bytes of the encrypted attachment}
HTTP/1.1 200 OK content-type: application/json { "singleFile": { "fileChecksum": "file-signature-base64-encoded" }}

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