The keys for the received message dictionary.




Both text and custom interactive messages use the receivedMessage field. In addition to the key listed here, the InteractiveResponse dictionary also tells the Messages app what and how to display it in the received message bubble.

Received Message Style Values

The possible string values for the received message style are:


Indicates a message bubble size of 280 x 65 points at @3x scale (840 x 195 pixels).


Indicates a message bubble size of 280 x 85 points at @3x scale (840 x 255 pixels).


Indicates a message bubble size of 280 x 210 pixels at @3x scale (840 x 630 pixels).

The image size of each imageIdentifier reference should correspond with the style as follows:

  • When style is icon, the expected @3x image size is 40 x 40 points (120 x 120 pixels).

  • When style is small, the expected @3x image size is 60 x 60 points (180 x 180 pixels).

  • When style is large, the expected @3x image size is 263 x 150 points (789 x 450 pixels).

Figure 1

Message bubble layout that Messages displays on the customer's device

Illustration showing the layout of a message bubble that Messages displays on the customer's device. The larger, top portion, displays attachments, and the image's title and subtitle. Along the bottom, the message title and subtitle are shown at left, and the secondary and tertiary subtitles are shown at right.


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Interactive Message Dictionaries

object BaseInteractiveMessage

The Interactive Data dictionary keys common to all interactive messages.

object InteractiveResponse

The response body is a JSON dictionary of the decoded interactive message data dictionary. The dictionary keys are listed below.

object InteractiveMessageData

The keys for the InteractiveMessageData dictionary can be used for all interactive messages.

object ImageItem

The keys to the image item dictionary used in sending interactive messages.

object InteractiveMessageResponse

A list of dictionaries contained in the feature's response.

object ReplyMessage

A dictionary with information telling Messages how and what to display in the reply message bubble.