Forward indicators from Business Chat when someone is entering text in Messages.


object TypingIndicatorMessage


In a chat session, typing indicators, such as an ellipsis, provide visual cues to let each person know when the other is entering text. When receiving messages, the Business Chat service sends the Customer Service Platform (CSP) a typing indicator each time the customer starts entering text in Messages. The CSP receives the typing indicator as a message with the type of typing_start. After receiving the typing indicator message, the CSP should display the indicators to the person receiving the message.

If the customer clears the text they entered, Business Chat sends a typing_end message to the CSP. The CSP should remove the visual indicator, which tells the business that the customer stopped entering text and is no longer preparing to send a text message. This behavior is not the same as a message type close. For more information, see Receiving Closed Conversation Messages.


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First Steps

Integrating with Business Chat

Implement the /message endpoint to send and receive messages.

Authorizing Messages

Authorize messages between your CSP and the Business Chat service.