A programmatic interface for an object that manages a list of active calls and observes call changes.


class CXCallObserver : NSObject


You can retrieve a list of active calls on an CXCallObserver object using the calls property. You can also provide an object conforming to the CXCallObserverDelegate protocol as the call observer delegate using the setDelegate(_:queue:) method to respond to any active call changes.

VoIP apps typically interact with the CXCallObserver object returned by the callObserver property of a CXCallController instance. However, any app can create a new CXCallObserver object to be notified of any calls activity on the system.


Setting a Delegate

func setDelegate(CXCallObserverDelegate?, queue: DispatchQueue?)

Sets a call observer delegate, specifying an optional queue on which to execute delegate methods.

Accessing Calls

var calls: [CXCall]

Returns the active calls of the telephony provider.


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Call Information

class CXCall

A telephony call.

protocol CXCallObserverDelegate

A collection of methods that are called by a call observer object when a call changes state.

class CXHandle

A means by which a call recipient can be reached, such as a phone number or email address.