Error codes for the CallKit Constants error domain.


enum CXErrorCodeCallDirectoryManagerError.Code : Int, _ErrorCodeProtocol



case unknown

An unknown error occurred.

case noExtensionFound

The call directory manager could not find a corresponding app extension.

case loadingInterrupted

The call directory manager was interrupted while loading the app extension.

case entriesOutOfOrder

The entries in the call directory are out of order.

case duplicateEntries

There are duplicate entries in the call directory.

case maximumEntriesExceeded

There are too many entries in the call directory.

case extensionDisabled

The call directory extension isn’t enabled by the system.

See Also


enum CXCallDirectoryManager.EnabledStatus

The enabled status of a Call Directory app extension, as reported by the getEnabledStatusForExtension(withIdentifier:completionHandler:) method.

let CXErrorDomainCallDirectoryManager: String

Domain for errors when interacting with a call directory manager. See CallKit Constants for possible error codes.