A means by which a call recipient can be reached, such as a phone number or email address.


class CXHandle : NSObject


When the telephony provider receives an incoming call or the user starts an outgoing call, the other caller is identified by a CXHandle object. For a caller identified by a phone number, the handle type is CXHandle.HandleType.phoneNumber and the value is a sequence of digits. For a caller identified by an email address, the handle type is CXHandle.HandleType.emailAddress and the value is an email address. For a caller identified in any other way, the handle type is CXHandle.HandleType.generic and the value typically follows some domain-specific format, such as a username, numeric ID, or URL.


Creating New Handles

init(type: CXHandle.HandleType, value: String)

Initializes a new handle of a given type with the specified value.

Accessing Handle Attributes

var type: CXHandle.HandleType

The type of the handle.

var value: String

The value of the handle.


enum CXHandle.HandleType

The possible types of handles.


Inherits From

See Also

Call Information

class CXCall

A telephony call.

class CXCallObserver

A programmatic interface for an object that manages a list of active calls and observes call changes.

protocol CXCallObserverDelegate

A collection of methods that are called by a call observer object when a call changes state.