An encapsulation of the configuration of a provider object.


class CXProviderConfiguration : NSObject


A CXProviderConfiguration object controls the native call UI for incoming and outgoing calls, including a localized name for the provider, the ringtone to be played for incoming calls, and the icon to be displayed during calls. A provider configuration can also set the maximum number of call groups and number of calls in a single call group, determine whether to use emails and/or phone numbers as handles, and specify whether video is supported.


Creating New Configurations

init(localizedName: String)

Initializes a configuration with the specified localized name.

Configuring Native Call UI

var localizedName: String

The localized name of the provider.

var ringtoneSound: String?

The name of the sound resource in the app bundle to be used for the provider ringtone.

var iconTemplateImageData: Data?

The PNG data for the icon image to be displayed for the provider.

Configuring Call Capabilities

var maximumCallGroups: Int

The maximum number of call groups.

var maximumCallsPerCallGroup: Int

The maximum number of calls per call group.

var supportsVideo: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the provider supports video in addition to audio.


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First Steps

class CXProvider

An object that represents a telephony provider.

protocol CXProviderDelegate

A collection of methods that are called by a telephony provider object.

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