An encapsulation of the act of initiating an outgoing call.


class CXStartCallAction : CXCallAction


CXStartCallAction is a concrete subclass of CXCallAction. When the user initiates an outgoing call, the provider sends provider(_:perform:) to its delegate. The provider’s delegate calls the fulfill() method to indicate that the action was successfully performed. To indicate that the call started at a time other than the current time, you can instead call the fulfill(withDateStarted:).


Creating New Actions

init(call: UUID, handle: CXHandle)

Initializes a new action to start a call with the specified UUID to a recipient with the specified handle.

Accessing Action Attributes

var isVideo: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the call is a video call.

var contactIdentifier: String?

The identifier for the call recipient.

var handle: CXHandle

The handle of the call recipient.

Completing Actions

func fulfill(withDateStarted: Date)

Reports the successful execution of the action at the specified time.


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See Also

Outgoing Calls

class CXCallController

A programmatic interface for interacting with and observing calls.

class CXTransaction

An object that contains zero or more action objects to be performed by a call controller.