An object that contains zero or more action objects to be performed by a call controller.


class CXTransaction : NSObject


Creating New Transactions

init(action: CXAction)

Initializes a new transaction with the specified action.

init(actions: [CXAction])

Initializes a new transaction with the specified actions.

Accessing Transaction Attributes

var uuid: UUID

The unique identifier of the transaction.

var isComplete: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the transaction has been completed.

var actions: [CXAction]

The actions added to a transaction.

Adding Actions

func addAction(CXAction)

Adds the specified action to the transaction.


Inherits From

See Also

Outgoing Calls

class CXCallController

A programmatic interface for interacting with and observing calls.

class CXStartCallAction

An encapsulation of the act of initiating an outgoing call.