Add CarPlay support to your navigation app.


The CarPlay framework provides a system-generated and -hosted user interface that you customize to display your navigation app. The framework maintains control over UI elements—such as touch target size, font size and color, highlights, and so on—while also enabling your app to display custom map tiles, trip and routing information, and more. This flexibility lets you focus on delivering a great CarPlay experience without the burden of creating an app that works on all supported CarPlay systems.


First Steps

protocol CPApplicationDelegate

The interface for handling CarPlay life cycle events.

class CPMapTemplate

Control the CarPlay display using a map template.

Route Guidance

class CPNavigationSession

Provides information about a navigation session.

class CPTrip

A journey consisting of an origin, a destination, and route choices.

class CPTravelEstimates

Describes the time and distance remaining for a maneuver in a navigation session.

class CPManeuver

Navigation instructions and distance from the previous maneuver.

Templates and Alerts


Display lists, grids, and other user interface elements using templates.

class CPSessionConfiguration

Receive notifications when the car limits user interface elements.

class CPAlertAction

An action displayed on an alert as a button.