A template for displaying an action sheet on the CarPlay screen.


class CPActionSheetTemplate : CPTemplate


You must present action sheets modally by calling the presentTemplate(_:animated:) method available on your app’s instance of CPInterfaceController. The user dismisses the action sheet by pressing a button, or you can dismiss it by calling the interface controller’s dismissTemplate(animated:) method.


Creating an Action Sheet Template

Getting Action Sheet Template Information

var title: String?

The title of the action sheet.

var message: String?

The descriptive message providing details about the reason for displaying the action sheet.

var actions: [CPAlertAction]

The list of actions available on the action sheet.


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See Also

Action Sheets and Alerts

class CPAlertTemplate

A template for displaying alerts on the CarPlay screen.

class CPAlertAction

An action displayed on an alert as a button.