A maneuver containing navigation instructions and distance from the previous maneuver.


class CPManeuver : NSObject


Providing Maneuver Information

var instructionVariants: [String]

An array of instruction variants for the maneuver.

var attributedInstructionVariants: [NSAttributedString]

An array of attributed strings representing the instruction variants for the maneuver.

var initialTravelEstimates: CPTravelEstimates?

The distance between the end of the previous maneuver and the beginning of this one.

Providing a Symbol Image

var symbolSet: CPImageSet?

An image set representing the maneuver.


Providing a Junction Image

var junctionImage: UIImage?

An image of a junction for the maneuver.

Providing Additional Information

var userInfo: Any?

An object containing custom information associated with the maneuver.

Instance Properties


Inherits From

See Also

Route Guidance

class CPNavigationSession

An object representing an active route guidance session.

class CPTrip

A journey consisting of an origin, a destination, and route choices.

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