Activity information that is true or false, pass or fail, yes or no.


class CLSBinaryItem : CLSActivityItem


Use an activity item of this type to indicate a binary condition, such as whether a student passed a test or failed it. Set the valueType property to specify how the binary condition should be reported to a teacher.


Creating Binary Activity Items

init(identifier: String, title: String, type: CLSBinaryValueType)

Initializes a new binary activity item of the given type.

enum CLSBinaryValueType

The kinds of outcomes that a binary activity item can represent.

Managing the Value

var value: Bool

The value that the binary activity item takes.

var valueType: CLSBinaryValueType

The kind of outcome that the binary activity item represents.


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Activity Items

Recording Additional Metrics About a Completed Task

Add an activity item to an activity to record additional information about a student’s attempt to complete a task.

class CLSScoreItem

Activity information that signifies a score out of a possible maximum.

class CLSQuantityItem

Activity information that signifies a quantity.

class CLSActivityItem

An abstract base class for gathering information about an activity.