Errors issued by ClassKit.


struct CLSError


Error Domain

let CLSErrorCodeDomain: String

The error domain that ClassKit uses when issuing errors.

User Info

var errorUserInfo: [String : Any]

Information about the error.

struct CLSErrorUserInfoKey

Keys that appear in the user info dictionary in errors that ClassKit creates.


var localizedDescription: String

A localized, human-readable explanation of the error.

Error Codes

var errorCode: Int

A code for the error.

static var authorizationDenied: CLSError.Code

The app isn’t authorized to perform the requested operation.

static var classKitUnavailable: CLSError.Code

ClassKit isn’t available on this device.

static var databaseInaccessible: CLSError.Code

ClassKit isn’t accessible because the device is locked.

static var errorDomain: String

A domain for the error.

static var invalidArgument: CLSError.Code

An invalid argument was provided to the API.

static var invalidCreate: CLSError.Code

An attempt to save a new object that already exists in the data store failed.

static var invalidModification: CLSError.Code

An attempt to modify a read-only object failed.

static var invalidUpdate: CLSError.Code

ClassKit failed to save an updated object in the data store.

static var limits: CLSError.Code

A limit has been exceeded.

static var partialFailure: CLSError.Code

ClassKit encountered more than one error.

enum CLSError.Code

Error codes that ClassKit issues.

Operator Functions

static func != (CLSError, CLSError) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are not equal.