Enumeration Case


A small square or rectangular area used in the Utility, Mickey, Chronograph, and Simple clock faces.


case utilitarianSmall = 2


The following figure shows the size and location of the utilitarian small complication.

Diagram showing the size and position of a utilitarian small complication.

The utilitarian small family can display the CLKComplicationTemplateUtilitarianSmallFlat, CLKComplicationTemplateUtilitarianSmallSquare, CLKComplicationTemplateUtilitarianSmallRingText, and CLKComplicationTemplateUtilitarianSmallRingImage templates.

See Also


case utilitarianSmallFlat

A small rectangular area used in the in the Photos, Motion, and Timelapse clock faces.

case utilitarianLarge

A large rectangular area that spans the width of the screen in the Utility and Mickey clock faces.