An object that manages the active complications for a given app.


class CLKComplicationServer : NSObject


Don’t create instances of this class directly. Instead, use the shared object to fetch information about your active complications and to invalidate or extend the data for a specific complication. You can also use it to get information about the minimum and maximum dates for which you need to provide data to support Time Travel.


Getting the Complication Server

class func sharedInstance() -> Self

Returns the shared complication server.

Getting the Active Complications

var activeComplications: [CLKComplication]?

The active complications for the current app.

Updating Your Timeline Data

func reloadTimeline(for: CLKComplication)

Invalidates your existing timeline data and triggers an update session to reload it.

func extendTimeline(for: CLKComplication)

Asks the system to extend the data in your complication’s timeline.

Getting the Time Travel Boundaries

var earliestTimeTravelDate: Date

The earliest Time Travel date for which you should provide data.

var latestTimeTravelDate: Date

The latest date supported by Time Travel.



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class CLKComplication

Metadata about one of your custom complications.

class CLKComplicationTimelineEntry

A container for the complication template object to display and the time at which to display it.