An abstract class that defines the base behavior for all templates.


class CLKComplicationTemplate : NSObject


You don’t create instances of this class directly. Instead, you create instances of one of the concrete subclasses and use the resulting object to specify the data for your complication.


Setting the Tint Color

var tintColor: UIColor?

The tint color to apply to elements of the template.


enum CLKComplicationColumnAlignment

Constants indicating the alignment of text in columns.

enum CLKComplicationRingStyle

Constants indicating the appearance of a progress ring.


Inherits From

See Also


Circular Small

Use circular small templates to display content in the corners of the Color watch face.

Extra Large

Use the extra large templates to display content on the X-Large watch faces.

Modular Small

Use modular small templates to display content in the smaller spaces of the Modular watch face.

Modular Large

Use modular large templates to display multiple rows of content on the Modular watch face.


Use the utilitarian templates to display content on a variety of watch faces, including the Utility, Chronograph, Simple, and character watch faces.


Use graphic templates to display visually rich content on a variety of watch faces, including the Infograph, Infograph Modular, and Solar Dial faces.

enum CLKComplicationFamily

Constants indicating the template groups.

property list key CLKComplicationSupportedFamilies

The complication families for which the app can provide data.

Name: ClockKit Complication - Supported Families