A template for displaying a small amount of text


class CLKComplicationTemplateExtraLargeSimpleText : CLKComplicationTemplate


This template belongs to the CLKComplicationFamily.extraLarge family.

Figure 1 shows the layout of the data and where a template of this type might appear on the clock face.

Figure 1

Layout of an extra large text template

Diagram showing the layout of a small amount of text.


Setting the Complication Data

var textProvider: CLKTextProvider

The text to display in the complication.


Conforms To

See Also

Text Templates

class CLKComplicationTemplateExtraLargeColumnsText

A template for displaying two rows and two columns of text.

class CLKComplicationTemplateExtraLargeRingText

A template for displaying text encircled by a configurable progress ring.

class CLKComplicationTemplateExtraLargeStackText

A template for displaying two strings stacked one on top of the other.