A template for displaying a large rectangle containing header text and an image.


class CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicRectangularLargeImage : CLKComplicationTemplate


This template belongs to the CLKComplicationFamily.graphicRectangular family. Figure 1 shows the layout of the image and where the template might appear on the clock face.

Figure 1

Layout of the graphic rectangular large image template

Diagram showing the layout of text and a large image.

Table 1 lists the dimensions of the image you use in this template. All dimensions are in pixels. All images must be specified as @2x images for display on Apple Watch, so the point-based dimensions are half the listed size.

Apple Watch Size



40 mm

300 pixels

94 pixels

44 mm

342 pixels

108 pixels

This template supports full-color images. The image provider automatically masks the image to a rounded rectangle with a 8-pixel corner radius.

Instead of providing multiple images with different resolutions, you can provide a single, scaleable PDF asset. For more information, see Manage Assets.


Setting the Complication Data

var textProvider: CLKTextProvider

The header text to display in the complication.


Conforms To

See Also


class CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicRectangularStandardBody

A template for displaying a large rectangle containing text.

class CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicRectangularTextGauge

A template for displaying a large rectangle containing text and a gauge.