A template for displaying a single square image.


class CLKComplicationTemplateUtilitarianSmallSquare : CLKComplicationTemplate


This template belongs to the CLKComplicationFamily.utilitarianSmall family. Figure 1 shows the layout of the data and where a template of this type might appear on the clock face.

Figure 1

Layout of a utilitarian small square template

Diagram showing the layout of a square image.

Table 1 lists the dimensions of the image you use in this template. All dimensions are in pixels. All images must be specified as @2x images for display on Apple Watch, so the point-based dimensions are half the listed size.

Table 1

Image dimensions

Apple Watch Size



38 mm

40 pixels

40 pixels

40 mm

44 pixels

44 pixels

42 mm

44 pixels

44 pixels

44 mm

50 pixels

50 pixels

Instead of providing multiple images with different resolutions, you can provide a single, scaleable PDF asset. For more information, see Manage Assets.


Setting the Complication Data


Conforms To

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