Instance Property


The tint color to apply to the image in a multicolor clock face.


var tintColor: UIColor? { get set }


For multicolor clock faces, the image provider applies the color in this property to the underlying image. For one-piece images, the color is applied directly to the image. For two-piece images, the color is applied only to the background image.

Specify nil to tint the image using the color of the complication template object. If the template does not specify a color, the default color (white) is used.

See Also

Getting the Image Data

var onePieceImage: UIImage

The template image to use as a one-piece image.

var twoPieceImageBackground: UIImage?

The background image in a two-piece image.

var twoPieceImageForeground: UIImage?

The foreground image in a two-piece image.