Instance Property


The tint color to apply to the image in a multicolor clock face.


var tintColor: UIColor? { get set }


For multicolor clock faces, the image provider applies the color in this property to the underlying image. For one-piece images, the color is applied directly to the image. For two-piece images, the color is applied only to the background image.

Specify nil to tint the image using the color of the complication template object. If the template doesn’t specify a color, the default color (white) is used.

See Also

Getting the Image Data

var onePieceImage: UIImage

The template image to use as a one-piece image.

var twoPieceImageBackground: UIImage?

The background image in a two-piece image.

var twoPieceImageForeground: UIImage?

The foreground image in a two-piece image.