Global Variable


A fill value indicating an empty gauge.


let CLKSimpleGaugeProviderFillFractionEmpty: Float


For CLKGaugeProviderStyle.ring style gauges, the CLKSimpleGaugeProviderFillFractionEmpty value hides the ring, while setting a 0.0 fill value still shows the ring.

See Also

Data Providers

class CLKDateTextProvider

A formatted string that conveys a date without any time information.

class CLKImageProvider

An image displayed by a complication.

class CLKFullColorImageProvider

A full-color image displayed by a complication.

class CLKRelativeDateTextProvider

A formatted string that conveys the difference in time between the current date and a date that you specify.

class CLKSimpleTextProvider

A single line of text to display in your complication interface.

class CLKTextProvider

The common behavior for displaying text-based data in a complication.

class CLKTimeIntervalTextProvider

A formatted time range.

class CLKTimeTextProvider

A formatted time value.

class CLKSimpleGaugeProvider

A gauge that shows a fractional value.

class CLKTimeIntervalGaugeProvider

A gauge that tracks time intervals.

class CLKGaugeProvider

An abstract superclass that provides all the common behaviors for the gauge providers.

enum CLKGaugeProviderStyle

Visual styles available for gauges.