A single line of text to display in your complication interface.


class CLKSimpleTextProvider : CLKTextProvider


Use a simple text provider to specify strings for your complications. The simple text object handles the formatting of that string in your complication, which may include tinting it to match the color of the clock face.

When creating a simple text provider, you can specify both a long version and a short version of your text. Providing both strings gives you more control over the text displayed by your complication. When the long string doesn’t fit in the available space, the text provider tries to display the value in the shortText property instead. If the shorter version is still too long, it displays a truncated version of the longer text.


Creating a Text Provider

init(text: String)

Creates and returns a text provider with the specified long form text.

init(text: String, shortText: String?)

Creates and returns a text provider with both long and short versions of the text.

init(text: String, shortText: String?, accessibilityLabel: String?)

Creates and returns a text provider with the text strings and an accessible string.

Getting the Text

var text: String

The long version of text that you want to display.

var shortText: String?

A shorter version of the text.


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Data Providers

class CLKDateTextProvider

A formatted string that conveys a date without any time information.

class CLKImageProvider

An image displayed by a complication.

class CLKFullColorImageProvider

A full-color image displayed by a complication.

class CLKRelativeDateTextProvider

A formatted string that conveys the difference in time between the current date and a date that you specify.

class CLKTextProvider

The common behavior for displaying text-based data in a complication.

class CLKTimeIntervalTextProvider

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class CLKSimpleGaugeProvider

A gauge that shows a fractional value.

class CLKTimeIntervalGaugeProvider

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class CLKGaugeProvider

An abstract superclass that provides all the common behaviors for the gauge providers.

let CLKSimpleGaugeProviderFillFractionEmpty: Float

A fill value indicating an empty gauge.

enum CLKGaugeProviderStyle

Visual styles available for gauges.