Type Method


Creates a localizable simple text provider using the strings file key for the text.


class func localizableTextProvider(withStringsFileTextKey textKey: String) -> Self



The key for the desired text. This key must appear in the localized string files named ckcomplication.strings in the WatchKit extension target.

Return Value

A text provider object built from the specified arguments.


Use this method to create a text provider that returns localized strings.

See Also

Creating Localized Text Providers

class func localizableTextProvider(withStringsFileTextKey: String, shortTextKey: String?) -> Self

Creates a localizable simple text provider using strings file keys for both the regular text and the shorter fallback text.

class func localizableTextProvider(withStringsFileFormatKey: String, textProviders: [CLKTextProvider]) -> Self

Creates a localizable text provider with a strings file key that resolves to a format string, and with text providers for the replacement arguments.