Type Method


Creates a localizable text provider with a strings file key that resolves to a format string, and with text providers for the replacement arguments.


class func localizableTextProvider(withStringsFileFormatKey formatKey: String, textProviders: [CLKTextProvider]) -> Self



The key for the localized format string. This key must appear in the localized string files named ckcomplication.strings in the WatchKit extension target.

Since the format string’s replacement arguments come from other text providers, the only allowable format specifiers are %@ and variants (for example, reordering specifiers like %1@ are also supported).


The text providers that produce the format string’s replacement arguments.

Return Value

A text provider object built from the specified arguments.


Use this method to create a compound text provider using a format string, with other text providers to provide the replacement arguments.

See Also

Creating Localized Text Providers

class func localizableTextProvider(withStringsFileTextKey: String) -> Self

Creates a localizable simple text provider using the strings file key for the text.

class func localizableTextProvider(withStringsFileTextKey: String, shortTextKey: String?) -> Self

Creates a localizable simple text provider using strings file keys for both the regular text and the shorter fallback text.