Instance Method


Checks the status of the specified permission asynchronously.


- (void)statusForApplicationPermission:(CKApplicationPermissions)applicationPermission completionHandler:(CKApplicationPermissionBlock)completionHandler;



The permission whose status you want to check. For a list of possible values, see CKApplicationPermissions.


The block to execute with the results. Your block must be capable of executing on any thread of the app.


Use this method to determine the extra capabilities granted to your app by the user. If your app has not yet requested a specific permission, calling this method may yield the value CKApplicationPermissionStatusInitialState for the permission. When that value is returned, call the requestApplicationPermission:completionHandler: method to request the permission from the user.

See Also

Requesting and Determining App Permissions

- requestApplicationPermission:completionHandler:

Requests the specified permission from the user to make the user’s identity discoverable.