Instance Property


The database containing the user’s private data.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) CKDatabase *privateCloudDatabase;


The database in this property is available only if the device has an active iCloud account. Access to the database is limited to the user of that iCloud account by default. The current user owns all content in the private database and is allowed to read and write that content. Data in the private database is not visible in the developer portal or to any other users.

Data stored in the private database counts against the storage quota of the current user’s iCloud account.

If there is no active iCloud account on the user’s device, this property still returns a valid database object, but attempts to use that object will return errors. To determine if there is an active iCloud account on the device, use the accountStatusWithCompletionHandler: method.

See Also

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The database containing the data shared by all users.


The database containing shared user data.

- databaseWithDatabaseScope:

Retrieves the database with the appropriate scope.