An operation that fetches user identities.


class CKDiscoverUserIdentitiesOperation : CKOperation


Processing the Operation Results

var discoverUserIdentitiesCompletionBlock: ((Error?) -> Void)?

The block to execute when the operation has completed.

var userIdentityDiscoveredBlock: ((CKUserIdentity, CKUserIdentity.LookupInfo) -> Void)?

The block to execute for each user identity that has been discovered.

Configuring the Operation Object

var userIdentityLookupInfos: [CKUserIdentity.LookupInfo]

The lookup info (email address, phone number, or record ID) used to discover user identities.

Creating an Operation


Initializes and returns an operation object configured to discover user identities.

init(userIdentityLookupInfos: [CKUserIdentity.LookupInfo])

Initializes and returns an operation object configured to discover all user identities associated with the specified lookup info.


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User Identities

class CKDiscoverAllUserIdentitiesOperation

An operation that finds all discoverable users in the device’s contacts.

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