Instance Property


The block to execute when the operation completes.


var fetchDatabaseChangesCompletionBlock: ((CKServerChangeToken?, Bool, Error?) -> Void)? { get set }



The current server change token to be stored and used in subsequent CKFetchDatabaseChangesOperation instances.


Indicates if this is the last record zone change. If fetchAllChanges is false, it is the responsibility of the client to create additional CKFetchDatabaseChangesOperation instances for the additional changes.


An error object containing information about a problem, or nil if the results are retrieved successfully.


The client is responsible for saving the change token at the end of the operation and passing it into the next call to CKFetchDatabaseChangesOperation. If the server returns a CKErrorChangeTokenExpired error, the previousServerChangeToken value was too old and the client should toss its local cache and re-fetch the changes in this record zone starting with a nil previousServerChangeToken.

See Also

Processing the Operation Results

var changeTokenUpdatedBlock: ((CKServerChangeToken) -> Void)?

The block to execute when the change token has changed.

var recordZoneWithIDChangedBlock: ((CKRecordZone.ID) -> Void)?

The block that processes a single record zone change.

var recordZoneWithIDWasDeletedBlock: ((CKRecordZone.ID) -> Void)?

The block that processes a single record zone deletion.

var recordZoneWithIDWasPurgedBlock: ((CKRecordZone.ID) -> Void)?

The block that processes a single record zone purge.