Instance Property


The block that processes a single push notification.


var notificationChangedBlock: ((CKNotification) -> Void)? { get set }


The block returns no value and takes the following parameter:


The CKNotification object corresponding to a push notification. The actual object passed to this method is a concrete subclass of CKNotification that contains specific details about the source of the change.

The operation object executes this block once for each push notification that is found. Each time the block is executed, it is executed serially with respect to the other progress blocks of the operation.

If you intend to use this block to process results, set it before executing the operation or submitting the operation object to a queue.

See Also

Processing the Operation Results

var moreComing: Bool

A Boolean value indicating that more notifications are waiting to be delivered.

var fetchNotificationChangesCompletionBlock: ((CKServerChangeToken?, Error?) -> Void)?

The block that is executed after all requested notifications are fetched.