Instance Property


The token that identifies the starting point for retrieving changes.


@NSCopying var previousServerChangeToken: CKServerChangeToken? { get set }


Each fetch request returns a unique token in addition to any changes. The token is passed as a parameter to your fetchRecordChangesCompletionBlock handler. During a subsequent fetch request, providing the previous token causes the server to return only the changes that have occurred since the last fetch request. Tokens are opaque data objects that you can write to disk safely and reuse later.

Typically, you set the value of this property when you initialize the operation object. If you intend to change the record zone, update the value of the property before executing the operation or submitting it to a queue.

See Also

Configuring the Operation Object

var recordZoneID: CKRecordZone.ID?

The ID of the record zone whose records you want to fetch.

var desiredKeys: [String]?

The fields to fetch for the requested records.

var resultsLimit: Int

The maximum number of changed records to report with this operation object.