Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating that more results are available.


var moreComing: Bool { get }


If the server is unable to deliver all of the changed results with this operation object, it sets this property to true before executing the block in the fetchRecordChangesCompletionBlock property. To fetch the remaining changes, create a new CKFetchRecordChangesOperation object using the change token returned by the server.

See Also

Processing the Operation Results

var recordChangedBlock: ((CKRecord) -> Void)?

The block to execute with the contents of a changed record.

var recordWithIDWasDeletedBlock: ((CKRecord.ID) -> Void)?

The block to execute with the ID of a record that was deleted.

var fetchRecordChangesCompletionBlock: ((CKServerChangeToken?, Data?, Error?) -> Void)?

The block to execute when all changes have been reported.