Instance Property


The IDs of the records to delete permanently from the database.


var recordIDsToDelete: [CKRecord.ID]? { get set }


This property contains the array of CKRecord.ID objects that identify the records to delete. The initial contents of the array are set to the records you specified in the init(recordsToSave:recordIDsToDelete:) method.

If you intend to change the value of this property, do so before executing the operation or submitting the operation object to a queue.

When deleting records, the operation object reports progress only on the records you specify in this property. Deleting records can trigger the deletion of related records if there is an owner-owned relationship between the records involving a CKRecord.Reference object. When additional deletions occur, they are not reported to the progress blocks of this object. For that reason, it is important to understand the implications of the ownership model you use when you relate records to each other through a CKRecord.Reference object. For more information about owner-owned relationships, see CKRecord.Reference.

See Also

Configuring the Operation Object

var recordsToSave: [CKRecord]?

The records to save to the database.

var savePolicy: CKModifyRecordsOperation.RecordSavePolicy

The policy to apply when the server contains a newer version of a specific record.

var clientChangeTokenData: Data?

A data token used to track client-side changes to records.

var isAtomic: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the entire operation fails when one or more records in the same zone cannot be written.