Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the entire operation fails when one or more records in the same zone cannot be written.


@property(nonatomic, assign) BOOL atomic;


Modifying records atomically prevents you from updating your data in a way that would leave it in an inconsistent state. You use atomic updates when you want to write multiple records to the same record zone. If there is a failure to modify any of the records in a particular zone, no changes are made to the other records in that same zone. The zone itself must have the CKRecordZoneCapabilityAtomic capability for this behavior to apply. If a record zone does not support the atomic capability, setting this property has no effect.

The default value of this property is YES, which causes all modifications within a single record zone to be made atomically. If your operation object contains records in multiple record zones, a failure in one zone does not prevent modifications to records in a different zone. Changing the value of this property to NO causes the records to be modified individually, regardless of whether the record zone supports atomic modifications.

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