Instance Property


The name of the sound file to play when a notification arrives.


var soundName: String? { get }


This property contains the string used to locate a sound file in your app’s bundle. That sound file is played as an alert when a push notification arrives on the user’s device. If the specified sound file does not exist, or if you specify the string default for this property, the system plays the default alert sound.

See Also

Accessing the Notification Info

var alertBody: String?

The text of the alert message.

var alertLocalizationKey: String?

The key that identifies the localized string to use for the alert message.

var alertLocalizationArgs: [String]?

The array of fields used to build the alert message

var alertActionLocalizationKey: String?

The key that identifies the text to use for the action button in the alert panel.

var alertLaunchImage: String?

The filename of the launch image displayed when your app is launched from the push notification alert.

var badge: NSNumber?

The current badge value.

var category: String?

Name of the action group corresponding to this notification.