Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether some push notification content was removed prior to delivery.


@property(nonatomic, readonly, assign) BOOL isPruned;


The server may truncate the payload data of a push notification if the size of that data exceeds the allowed maximum. For notification objects you create using a payload dictionary, the value of this property is YES if the payload data does not contain all information related to the change. The value is NO if the payload data was complete.

For notification objects you fetch from the database using a CKFetchNotificationChangesOperation object, the value of this property is always YES.

When payload data must be dropped, the server removes data in a specific order. The properties defined by this class are among the last to be dropped because they define information about how to deliver the push notification. The following list shows the properties of this class that are dropped in the order in which they are dropped.

  1. containerIdentifier

  2. Keys defined by subclasses of CKNotification

  3. soundName

  4. alertLaunchImage

  5. alertActionLocalizationKey

  6. alertBody

  7. alertLocalizationArgs

  8. alertLocalizationKey

  9. badge

  10. notificationID