The abstract base class for CloudKit notifications.


class CKNotification : NSObject


Notification objects wrap the data associated with a push notification. Use notification objects to wrap recently received push notification data or to fetch notification objects representing already delivered push notifications from a container. In both cases, the information in the notification object tells you what changed.

The CKNotification class itself is an abstract class. When you create a new notification object from a payload dictionary, the init(fromRemoteNotificationDictionary:) method instantiates a subclass of the appropriate type. Similarly, when you fetch notifications from a container, what you receive are instances of a concrete subclass. The base CKNotification class provides information about the push notification and how it was delivered. Specific subclasses contain specific data indicating what change actually occurred.


Creating a Notification Object

init?(fromRemoteNotificationDictionary: [AnyHashable : Any])

Creates and returns a new notification object using the specified payload data.

Identifying the Notification Object

var notificationID: CKNotification.ID?

The ID of the notification.

var notificationType: CKNotification.NotificationType

The type of event that generated the notification.

var containerIdentifier: String?

The ID of the container whose content triggered the notification.

Getting the Notification Status

var isPruned: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether some push notification content was removed prior to delivery.

Accessing the Notification Info

var alertBody: String?

The text of the alert message.

var alertLocalizationKey: String?

The key that identifies the localized string to use for the alert message.

var alertLocalizationArgs: [String]?

The array of fields used to build the alert message

var alertActionLocalizationKey: String?

The key that identifies the text to use for the action button in the alert panel.

var alertLaunchImage: String?

The filename of the launch image displayed when your app is launched from the push notification alert.

var soundName: String?

The name of the sound file to play when a notification arrives.

var badge: NSNumber?

The current badge value.

var category: String?

Name of the action group corresponding to this notification.


enum CKNotification.NotificationType

Constants indicating the type of event that generated the push notification.


class CKNotification.ID

An object that uniquely identifies a push notification sent from a container.


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class CKQueryNotification

An object that represents a push notification that was generated by a subscription object.

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