Instance Property


The array of fields to use when building an alert message.


@property(nonatomic, copy) NSArray<CKRecordFieldKey> *alertLocalizationArgs;


Use of this property is optional. This property contains an array of NSString objects, each of which corresponds to a field of the record that triggered the push notification. Those names are used to retrieve the corresponding values from the record. The values themselves must be NSString, NSNumber, or NSDate objects. Do not specify keys with other values. String values that are greater than 100 characters in length may be truncated when added to the push notification.

If you use %@ for your substitution variables, those variables are replaced by walking the array in order. If you use variables of the form %n$@, where n is an integer, n represents the index (starting at 1) of the item in the array to use. Thus, the first item in the array replaces the variable %1$@, the second item replaces the variable %2$@, and so on. You can use indexed substitution variables to change the order of items in the resulting string, which might be necessary when you localize your app’s messages.

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